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I was born and raised in a small town in the Northern Neck of Virginia, where I learned the values of public service from my parents who were both public servants. My mom was a third-grade teacher who retired after 38 years in the classroom and my father retired as the county administrator for Northumberland County, VA.  I attended James Madison University, earning an undergraduate degree in Geographic Science with concentrations in GIS and environmental science. Pursuing further education, I obtained a Master of Business Administration from North Carolina State University, specializing in financial management.

During my time at James Madison University, I joined the Alpha Phi Omega national community service fraternity. Through this experience, I discovered the profound impact that service can have on communities. It instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility towards others and a desire to make a positive difference in my community.

Having lived in western Cary with my wife, Beth, and 4 kids since 2010, I have witnessed the remarkable transformation of our region. It is a place distinguished by its robust job market, high quality of life, and a strong sense of unity among its residents. Cary consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the nation, known for its safety and desirability. Having raised 4 children in Cary, I want them to grow up and inherit a community that they will be proud of.

My passion for development and dedication to maintaining our town's high quality of life motivated me to become more involved. I applied for a volunteer position on the Town of Cary Planning and Zoning board and was appointed in 2014. I served on the board until 2020, fulfilling the roles of vice-chair and chairman. In 2017, I was heavily involved in the creation of the Imagine Cary Community Plan, which contains the policies used to evaluate future development.  I also devote my time as a deacon in my church, working to foster fellowship and partnership throughout the community.

In January, I received a unanimous vote from the Cary Town Council and was appointed to represent District D allowing me to continue my service to the community.  I applied for the open seat to help foster a better sense of community and connection to the citizens of western Cary.   I organized the first-ever joint Town/HOA meeting, district-wide, including over 30 HOAs leading to more follow-up meetings to discuss their specific needs.  


This is a critical time for Cary, and I intend to be a leader who brings people together to achieve results. I prioritize innovation and forward-thinking when addressing the challenges we face today. I am focused on improving connectivity, fostering economic development and balanced growth, promoting environmental conservation, and ensuring fiscal responsibility in managing the town's finances. I am dedicated to our community and strive to make it even better through my hard work and commitment.

Currently, I'm the Council liaison for the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and the Friends of Page-Walker.  One of the most important pieces of historic preservation is education and community involvement.  If we don’t have a community that’s committed to preservation, it’s meaningless. Looking forward to continuing the work that the Commission sets to achieve.


Please contact us to volunteer for the campaign!  Also, don't forget to request for a yard sign.  

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Thanks for the willingness to volunteer!

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