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Citizens and Community Leaders that support Ryan Eades

Harold Weinbrecht

Cary Mayor


"Ryan has the knowledge, experience, and leadership we desperately need from our District D representative especially during this critical time in Cary. I’ve witnessed firsthand his ability to bring people together to get things done and his passion for making our community better. I wholeheartedly endorse him and encourage others to elect to keep Ryan on the Cary Council."

Jack Smith

Cary Town Councilmember, District C


“Having the privilege of serving with Ryan on the Cary Town Council, I can confidently say that Ryan is a genuine guy that has hit the ground running since day 1. He listens to his constituents and has shown his ability to navigate complex issues and make informed decisions. He is a strong voice for District D on our Town Council.”

Concrete Wall

Ed Yerha

Former Cary Council Member At-Large 2012-2022

"Ryan's experience as Chair of Cary's Planning and Zoning Board serves him well on the Town Council. He knows how to balance sound economic growth with environmental preservation. He listens to citizens to ensure that Cary thrives sustainably and maintains its unique charm. A vote for Ryan is a vote for an appreciation of Cary's past and a vote for a prosperous and harmonious future."

Scott Lassiter

Elected Wake County Soil & Water Supervisor & Former Apex Town Councilman

"Councilman Ryan Eades has my total support in this election! As a former volunteer town planning board member and current councilman Ryan has proven his commitment to Cary. In my role as county Soil & Water Supervisor I’ve seen Ryan work to better Cary’s infrastructure. But, this isn't just a political endorsement it's also personal for me. Cary is my home and like you I rely on this town council to get things right to ensure that we're protected from crime, fire, overdevelopment, and other threats while keeping our taxes low. I hope you’ll vote for Ryan on October 10th and tell a neighbor to also!"

Steve Crutchfield

Chairman, Cary Planning and Zoning Board

"Ryan Eades has the right combination of leadership and experience to continue representing the residents of District D. I had the privilege of serving with him on the Cary Planning and Zoning Board for several years. I greatly respected his commitment to service and willingness to listen to citizen concerns."

Anne Kratzer

"Ryan’s leadership, knowledge, and experience on the Cary Town Council and Planning & Zoning Board, and his ability to bring people together for the good of our community make him the ideal choice for those who call Cary “home.” He is passionate about continuing to strive for the best for Cary’s treasured past, its impressive present, and for a continued safe, balanced and sustainable future. A vote for Ryan is a vote for District D and our Town!"

Brent Miller

Cary Hometown Spirit Award winner

"Ryan Eades has demonstrated the kind of leadership we need on the Cary Town Council. His knowledge and experience has benefited the people of Cary. Ryan genuinely cares about Cary's past, present and future, and I'm proud to endorse him. I hope you'll join me in supporting Ryan for Cary."

Kerry Mead

"Ryan has demonstrated a high level of respect for maintaining Cary’s history. As our town continues to evolve it is crucial that we have leaders that understand the significance of maintaining our heritage while embracing progress."

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