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My Priorities

Throughout the 13 years I've lived in Cary, I have worked hard to bring people together to build a stronger community.  I have a passion around balance growth and embracing the live-work-play mantra.  I'm driven to improve connection and keep citizens informed and involved.  This includes more outreach and emphasis at the neighborhood level.  I believe that by becoming a connected town, we can incorporate more voices while remaining united as one.  



Improved Connectivity

One of my key priorities is to foster open and honest communication between the town and its residents, ultimately creating a more connected community. When citizens are engaged and connected with their government, we can work together to address concerns and find effective solutions. I organized the first-ever town event specifically designed to bring together Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in District D allowing residents to share their unique issues and collaborate on developing solutions. I am a firm believer that every voice matters, and by encouraging open dialogue we can build trust and establish a strong partnership between the town and its citizens. 

In addition to fostering communication, it is essential to prioritize connectivity within District D roads, sidewalks, and greenways, as well as, improving access to transit. Since new development occurred at different times, we have gaps within our existing infrastructure that we need to address.  Connecting our roads, sidewalks, and greenways is crucial to improving accessibility and ensuring the smooth flow of movement. 

My plan revolves around two main pillars: community engagement and infrastructure development. I’d like to make the HOA meeting an annual event every spring. Also, I would like to focus on connecting our roads, sidewalks, and greenways, along with establishing convenient transit routes and stops that will enhance accessibility.


Economic Development 
& Balanced Growth

I firmly believe that a thriving economy is essential for maintaining our highly regarded community and ensuring a high standard of living for our residents. Economic development will encourage Cary's appeal for external investments and for supporting small businesses.

To achieve balanced growth, I am committed to encouraging mixed-use developments within District D. These developments offer a combination of commercial and office spaces, creating vibrant and walkable landscapes that provide both employment centers and convenient living spaces. Currently, District D has a surplus of residential areas but lacks the necessary commercial and office spaces to support our residents. By promoting mixed-use developments, we can address this imbalance and provide a better live-work-play balance for our community.  

I also recognize the importance of historical preservation in maintaining our community's identity. While we aim to encourage economic development and attract businesses, we must also preserve the historical character and resources that make our community unique. By finding a balance between historical preservation and future development, we can ensure that our community remains rooted in its heritage while embracing progress.

My plan focuses on prioritizing investments in our various sports venues to stimulate economic growth and diversify the local economy along with supporting local businesses.  Additionally, I will encourage mixed-use development with an emphasis on commercial and office spaces, while also working to preserve Cary's history through the identification and preservation of historical structures.

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Increasing Environmental Conservation

Conserving our natural resources, protecting greenspaces, reducing our town's carbon footprint, and improving energy efficiency are paramount in ensuring a sustainable future for our community. I am dedicated to implementing measures that promote environmental stewardship, enhance energy efficiency, and increase citizen engagement in conservation efforts.

To achieve these goals, we must focus on education and citizen involvement. By expanding programs like "My Tree, Our Tree," we can empower residents with the resources needed to actively participate in preserving our natural environment. Through this initiative, we will encourage tree planting and care, which not only contributes to the growth of our tree canopy but also improves air quality, mitigates the urban heat island effect, and enhances the overall beauty of our community.

I am committed to preserving greenspaces and protecting our natural habitats. Our green areas are essential for maintaining biodiversity, providing recreational spaces, and improving the overall well-being of our residents. By implementing responsible land use practices, we can strike a balance between development and conservation, ensuring that future generations can enjoy the benefits of a thriving natural environment.

Water quality and stormwater management are also critical aspects of our environmental stewardship. It is important to prioritize initiatives aimed at preserving water resources, enhancing water quality, and implementing effective stormwater management strategies. Stormwater controls are also critical in the mitigation of flood risks. By focusing on sustainable infrastructure and promoting green stormwater initiatives we can protect our local ecosystems and ensure the availability of clean water for future generations.

My plan entails increasing educational opportunities and citizen engagement by establishing educational activities along White Oak Creek area. I will also look to expand the "My Tree, Our Tree" program, promote the use of green stormwater techniques in new developments, review the champion tree ordinance to ensure it is continuing to meet Cary’s needs, and strategically invest in parcels like the Earnest Jones property to foster more open space.

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